About PlayTeamPickleball

About Play TEAM Pickleball

Fun, Friends & Competition with Play TEAM Pickleball !!

Play TEAM Pickleball offers municipalities, regions or individual clubs the opportunity to run organized team based pickleball leagues. Using our innovative three-team round robin match format, players can experience weekly recreational competition with their friends or fellow club members.

Divisions are separated by skill, age and/or gender to provide a quality, equitable match experience to promote enjoyment and retention.

Our Objective:

  • To provide a team based pickleball league that can unite communities through a competitive yet recreational experience.
  • The league is differentiated from tournaments by offering weekly play with a lower time commitment. This allows scheduling flexibility for each player while offering varied partner potential in each team match.

Interested in Learning on How to Bring Play TEAM Pickleball to your area or facility?

Contact us via email to setup a consultation to discuss how Play TEAM Pickleball can increase play at your facility and bring your local pickleball community together.