Updated March 28, 2022

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presented by EmergeOrtho & AccessOrtho Orthopedic Urgent Care

Advanced 18+ (Co-Ed)
  1. LJ Lightning: Captain: Kevin Smith
  2. LJ Thunder: Captain: Mike Parker
  3. ACC Advanced: Captain: Hunt Ward
  4. BUR Over the Hill Gang: Captain: Daniel Toohey
  5. HPCC Panthers: Captain: Corey Davis
  6. BUR Underdogs: Captain: Ron Chewning Sr.
Intermediate 18+ (Men's)
  1. LJ Big Dills: Captain: Keith Nutt
  2. FO No Strings Attached: Captain: Bryan Newman
  3. BUR Hardly Working: Captain: Jay Wink
  4. SFHL Picklers: Captain: Eric Searls
  5. BUR Baby Got Backhand: Captain: Dennis Studer
  6. BUR The Real Dills: Captain: Jason Knight
  7. BUR Team Phoenix: Captain: Aravindh Raj
Intermediate 18+ (Women's)
  1. LJ Kelly Smith: Captain: Kelly Smith
  2. SCC Pickle Chicks: Captain: Melissa Babcock
  3. SCC Pickle Chicks Too!: Captain: Kelli Young
  4. BUR The Volley Llamas: Captain: Leah Cattanach
  5. BUR Dinking Dillies: Captain: Marianne McCoy
  6. BUR Pickles & Paddles: Captain: Cathie Sexton/ Theresa Borders
  7. BUR We'd Rather Be at Happy Hour: Captain: Jill Jones
  8. HPCC Lady Panthers: Captain: Corey Davis
  9. BUR Sweet Gherken Gals: Captain: Gracie Womack
Intermediate 50+ (Men's)
  1. BUR Hot Shots: Captain: Don Kelly
  2. BUR Challengers: Captain: Douglas Campbell
  3. BUR McArthur: Captain: Jim McArthur
  4. ACC Terminetters: Captain: Curtis Price
Intermediate 50+ (Women's)
  1. BUR Bruisers: Captain: Betsy Demoret/ Deb Vincent
  2. LJ Pickled Pals: Captain: Jodi Stanley
  3. LJ Pickleball Lifers: Captain: Regina Schamberger
  4. ACC Pickleball Divas: Captain: Deb Scott
  5. BUR Simply Smashing: Captain: Pat Russell
  6. BUR Pickle Chickles: Captain: Theresa Borders
Novice 18+ (Co-Ed)
  1. BUR Pickadillies: Captain: Erica Gullickson
  2. BUR Greensboro Bangers: Captain: Richard Ramos
  3. BUR Emerge Ortho: Captain: Fred Ortmann
  4. LJ Book Club and Friends: Captain: Natalie Smith
Novice 50+ (Co-Ed)
  1. BUR Debs Favorite: Captain: TBD
  2. BUR Picklers: Captain: Janet Veltri
  3. BUR New Pickles: Captain: Janice Campagna
  4. BUR Day Dinkers: Captain: Linda Stanton
  5. ACC Dinky Chicks: Captain: Becky Johnson
  6. HPCC 50+ Panthers: Captain: Corey Davis
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